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    Burberry Collaborates

    Collaborations with the Burberry Generation – artists and creators from the Burberry community – reinterpreting our heritage of discovery, creativity and exploration.

    In a twist on this heritage, we asked the Burberry Generation to respond to a question that resonates with the world we live in today.

    Katie Burnett

    ‘I do not allow limitations and always try to push for never-before-seen angles and ideas.’ Based in New York, Fashion Director Katie Burnett pushes the boundaries of perception and composition, creating collaged images of pieces adorned with the Burberry check.
    • @katieburnett__

    Michael Oliver Love

    ‘I love playing with shapes and movement. I wanted to celebrate the human form and nature as one.' Michael Oliver Love’s striking photography explores the interconnectedness between the human form and nature – capturing the curves and shapes of a body against dramatic scenery.

    Timo Helgert

    Artist Timo Helgert reinterprets our history of exploration by taking us on a journey through majestic natural landscapes with his escapist digital art.

    Pablo Thecuadro

    Altering perception with a collage of images of both our jewellery and TB Summer Monogram collections, artist Pablo Thecuadro explores the concept of discovery: the longer you focus, the more you see.

    Luca Mastroianni

    Artist Luca Mastroianni creates other-worldly digital compositions capturing the free-spirit and optimism of our TB Summer Monogram collection – casting our B Motif sunglasses amongst an ethereal desert landscape.

    Sasha Katz

    Celebrating the shapes and silhouettes of the human body, digital artist Sasha Katz evokes feelings of intimacy and togetherness through surreal animated scenes.

    Yrsa Daley-Ward

    Through her fearless, truthful and emotive voice, poet Yrsa Daley-Ward reflects on the intimacy of the indoors and the freedom of nature.

    Marije Seijn and Annie van Noortwijk

    Creative duo Marije Seijn and Annie van Noortwijk celebrate the beauty of nature from a new perspective and recognise the subtle happenings around them.

    Colin Young

    With digital sculpture and hypnotic design, Colin Young evokes the feeling of unity and reflects on the healing spirit of nature.

    Hêlîn Sahin

    Artist Hêlîn Sahin uses her unique and vibrant digital 3D art to reflect on the spirit of the outside world indoors.

    Rauf Yasit

    LA-based dancer and choreographer Rauf Yasit contorts his body into animated shapes to recreate the spirit and freedom of nature and the outdoor world from his home.

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